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The IHT Weekend Academy seeks to be a means by which children can study a variety of Islamic subjects with qualified teachers. The primary focus will be recitation of the Quran as well as the method of performing prayer from start to finish.

Additional subjects will include a more detailed study of purification, the biography of the Messenger of Allah (s), Islamic Belief, Islamic Law and memorisation of parts of the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet (s).  


Some of the areas that will be covered in each subject are:

Tajweed - Quranic Recitation

  • Major & Minor mistakes
  • Points of Articulation 
  • Heavy & Light Letters
  • Echo Letters
  • Nun Sakin Rules
  • Meem Sakin Rules
  • Elongation

Fiqh - Islamic Law

  • Purification - Wudhu & Ghusl
  • Prayer - Memorising all of Salah including it's supplications 
  • Fasting
  • Charity
  • Pilgrimage

Aqidah - Islamic Belief

  • Allah (s)
  • His Angels
  • His Books
  • His Prophets
  • The Last Day
  • Death
  • Predestination
  • Life after Death

Seerah - Biography of the Messenger (s)

  • Pre-Islamic Arabia
  • Before Prophecy
  • Makkan Period
  • Medinian Period


  • Every day supplications
  • Surahs from last chapter of Quran
  • Longer Surahs 
  • Short Hadith


Requirements & Pre-requisites


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