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An amazing opportunity to complete an introductry course with one of the UK's leading archery instructors. Jehad Shamis has been practicing, competing in and teaching archery for much of his adult life. He is committed to reviving the sunnah of archery and has carried out many workshops nationally as well as internationally. 

The Messenger of Allah (s) said:

"Verily! Strength is in archery, strength is in archery, strength is in archery."

Sahih Muslim

The principle aim of this course is for it to be a means for individuals to participate in the sunnah practice of archery. The course consists of five sessions that make up one hour in duration. The aim is to give the participants the opportunity to become competent at performing archery.  


All sessions will begin with a thorough warm up. See below for a further breakdown:

Week One: Basic technique, familiarity with equipment and health & safety.

Week Two: Yellow band, barebow shooting and recap on equipment and health & safety.

Week Three: Yellow band, aiming with barebow, games and drills.

Week Four: Yellow band, freestyle shooting and correcting errors whilst shooting. 

Week Five: Yellow band and competition.  

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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