Course Details for: The Sceince Hadith Course


This course will introduce the methods of hadith criticism used by the classical hadith scholars, while paying particular attention to modern controversies through practical application and numerous well-designed examples.



The course will include:

- Historical background to the science of Hadith.
- An introduction to classical methods of hadith analysis.
- A study of factors that render a hadith strong or weak.
- An in-depth analysis of hadith chains.
- Understanding contemporary controversies relating to hadith authenticity.
- An introduction to some of the most highly regarded hadith collections.
- Analysis of hadith chains and texts.
And much more.

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

Start date and time:
Sunday 9th October 11.30am.

Rodeheath, Luton.

Course duration:
12 weeks.


Sisters only. Limited spaces.

To registerplease call or text 07947136768.

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