Course Details for: The Major Sins Course


This course will provide an exposition of the major sins in Islam as compiled by the renowned scholar Imam adh-Dhahabi. Students will work through the 70 sins one at a time including; Shirk (polytheism), Usuary, Arrogance, Backbiting and many others.


Subjects to be covered include:

- Difference between major and minor sins.

- Explanation of each of the 70 major sins listed by Imam adh-Dhahabi.

- Related Ayat of the holy Quran and Hadith of the blessed Prophet peace be upon him.

And much more.

Commencement Date &Time:
15th December, 7.45pm
(12 week course).

Teacher: Ustadh Noor ud-Deen

Newark Road, Luton

Course Fee:

Open to Sisters Only

To register call or text 07861713758

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