Course Details for: The Book of Assistance Course (Islamic Spirituality).


Based on Imam Haddad's celebrated work this course will present the fundamentals of Islamic Spirituality based on the Holy Quran and Prophetic Sunnah. Working through the book's well structured chapters, students will learn how to practically apply Quranic teachings in a manner that facilitates spiritual development. 


Subjects to be covered include:

- Increasing certainty (Yaqeen).

- Rectifying the intention and sincerity in worship.

- Establishing Taqwa and Wara' (piety and scrupulousness).

- Inner purification.

- The role of Hope and Fear.

- Enjoining the good and forbidding evil.

- Excellence in Salah, Dhikr and ritual worship.

- The importance of time management and structured worship.

And much more.

Commencement Date &Time:
12th January, 9pm
(14 week course).


Ustadh Noorud-Deen Rashid

Selborne Road , Luton

Course Fee:

Open to brothers and sisters.

To register call or text 07816773166

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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