Course Details for: Fiqh of Taharah (Purification)


Course Synopsis

It is obligatory on every Muslim to study the fundamentals of this beautiful religion, this course will provide an opportunity for students to fulfill a part of this obligation. We encounter  issues related to Wudu, Ghusl and impurities every day and it is important for us to understand what the Quran and Hadith say about these issues


Amongst the subjects to be covered:

- The Sunnah method of performing Wudu.
- Nullifiers of Wudu.
- The correct method of performing Ghusl.
- Nullifiers of Ghusl.
- Prohibitions upon a person in a state of impurity.
- Purification of impurities.
- Tayamum.

And much more.

Start Date & Time:
Tuesday 31st January, 8pm
(10 week course).

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

Newark Road, Luton.

Course Fee:

Brothers and sisters welcome.

Limited spaces.

To register please call or text 07813430261

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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