Course Details for: Arabic For Beginners


Most of us encounter Arabic in the written form and long for the ability to understand the script we recite. This 40 week course will focus on enabling students to understand classical Arabic as encountered in the Quran, Hadith and other sources.


Course Goals

• Vocabulary acquisition.

• Understanding the basics of Arabic grammar (Nahw).

• Grasping the fundamentals of Morphology (Sarf).

• Competence in the use of a traditional Arabic dictionary.

• Giving students the ability to understand and translate Arabic text.
By the end of the course the diligent student will have the ability to independently work through Arabic text and decipher its meaning.

Start Date
Tuesday 14th February 2017 | Every Tuesday

8pm- 9pm

Ustadh Noorud-Deen

Newark Road, Luton

Course Fee
£200 - 40 sessions

Open to brothers and sisters.

Limited spaces.

For further information and registration call or text 07813430261.

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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