Course Details for: Islamic Manners & Shamail


Are you sometimes embarrassed by the way your children behave in front of guests or when they’re outdoors?

Do you feel frustrated because your kids don't always listen to you and do as you say?

Do you wish your children were more dignified, polite, or just simply behaved themselves so you could feel proud of them?! After all, Muslims are renowned for their upright behaviour, right?

You’re right. But simply telling your child to behave isn’t enough. They need to be around good company and learn the traditions of the Messenger of Allah and the various characteristics of the blessed Prophet Muhammad. 

This Islamic Manners & Shamail course covers details on the essential adab (manners) and Prophet’s physical appearance, his clothing, his manners of daily living including his blessed speech, and much more.*


Some of the areas covered are:

•Importance of appearance 

•Entering and leaving a house 

•The manner of visiting 

•The manners of conversation 

•Social manners 

•Dealing with non-muslims 

•The manners of eating and drinking 


•Visiting a sick person 


•Kindness to parents

•Prophet’s physical appearance

•Prophet’s physical appearance

•his blessed speech


The objectives of this course are:

* show the timeless and upstanding character of the Prophet Muhammad ?

* help students emulate the Prophet’s ? character

* help students learn more about the Prophet ?

* help students increase in their love for the Prophet ?

Requirements & Pre-requisites
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