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"It is prescribed, when death approaches any of you, if he leaves any goods, that he makes bequest to parents and next of kin, according to reasonable usage; this is due from those mindful of God." Qur'an 2: 80.

In this verse, writing a last Will before death was made obligatory on all Muslims. This was, of course, before the details of the inheritance system were sent down to the messenger of Allah, Muhammad in Surah 4. However, the Prophet is reported by Ibn Umar to have said: "It is not right for any Muslim person who has anything to bequeath that he may pass even two nights without having his Will written" (Bukhari and Muslim). Thus, according to the great majority of Muslim scholars writing a Will is highly recommended.



This course will cover hadith from Sahih Al Bukhari related to wills and testaments. There will also be a Q&A session at the end of each lesson. 

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