Course Details for: Islamic Calligraphy - Joining the Dots - A foundation in the Arabic Naskh script


Intention of the course

To introduce  a group of 20 students to Islamic and Arabic Calligraphy, with a main focus on the practical aspects and creation of Islamic Calligraphy using classical tools, enabling them to use the tools and methods with confidence as well as be able to teach others in the method and discipline. 



An 8 session foundation course in Arabic and Islamic calligraphy, focused on the Naksh script using classical tools. The learn the Naskh script from absolute scratch composed of weekly lessons lasting up to 2 hours, with practice exercises and homework to complete between lessons to support and advance the skills learnt in the lesson. The participants will also complete a personal project during the course, at least one piece of Calligraphic Art suitable for framing and/or exhibition. 

Session 1: Introduction – Learning Method, Tools, Dynamics of the pen, Introduction to the Dot.
Session 2: Naskh Day 1 – Introduction, Letters Aleph to ‘Ain.
Session 3: Naskh Day 2 – Letters Fa to Hamza, Sample sentence scripting.
Session 5: Naskh Day 3 – Sentence scripting.
Session 5: Naskh Day 4 – Composing Calligraphic Art -  Scaling, Dimensions, Measurements. 
Session 6: Project Day – Project Introduction ~ Planning and drafting masterpieces.
Session 7: Naskh Day 5 – Composing Calligraphic Art -  Advanced scaling, dimensions, measurements.
Session 8: Project and course conclusion.

Attendance on the course along with ample practice and completing of the homework will result in the participants exhibiting confidence and competence in the Naskh style of Arabic Calligraphy by the end of the course. They will be ready to start creating their own calligraphy artwork and have a good foundation to teach it to others.

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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