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The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God's abundant peace and blessings be upon him, was and remains the cornerstone of all that is good.He is the measure of that which is wise and  beautiful. This course intends to touch upon some of his pedagogical techniques, compiled in a forty hadith text, each hadith highlights something of these invaluable techniques. It is hoped all those who attend will feel engaged and empowered. Resulting in  people who become more reflective, appreciative and wiser in practice. All of which are believed  to be quintessential qualities of the Holy prophet Muhammad.


Breakdown of the ahadith that will be covered:

Hadith 1 & 2 - Role modelling and teaching by example

Hadith 3 - 6 - One of the objectives of the school - teaching in a manner that ensures students remain engaged and have a love of the Deen

Hadith 7 & 8 - Encouraging students to ask and answer questions

Hadith 9 & 10 - To make use of their imaginations

Hadith 11, 12 & 25 - kinaesthetic teaching and learning

Hadith 13 - 17 - Imparting knowledge and then facilitating an environment where students feel confident to ask questions

Hadith 18 - 21 - Showcasing peer knowledge

Hadith 22 - 26 - Use of humour to engage the students

Hadith 27 - 32 - Engagement and motivation

Hadith 33 - 39 - Always a favourite with students - Narratives 

Hadith 40 - His - salalalahu alayhi wa salam - noble presence

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