Course Details for: Purification of the Heart


This course will be based on the renowned text of Imam al-Mawlud 'Purification of the Heart' as tanslated by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. This brief text provides an insight into the many subtle diseases of the heart and various means of overcoming them.


Subject matters to be covered include:

- The importance of a sound heart

- The dangers of a diseased heart

- Love of the world

- Jealousy

- Hatred

- Arrogance

- Anger

- Many other diseases of the heart

- The cures to each disease

Commencement Date & Time: Saturday 17th October | 7:30pm

Venue: Newark Road Luton

Teacher : Ustadh Noor ud-Deen

Course Fee: £40- 8 sessions

Limited spaces.

Brothers and sisters welcome to register and pay please call or text 07813430261

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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