Course Details for: Detailed Seerah Course (Makkan Period)


This course will focus on the Makkan Period of the biography of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. Being the most important person in the life of a Muslim it is essential for us to be well acquainted with our Prophet peace be upon him.  The Prophet peace be upon him said, 'none of you (truly) believes until I am more beloved to him than his own soul.' (Ahmad, Sahih). 


Subjects to be covered include:
- Prophets Ibrahim and Israel peace be upon them.
- Pre-Islamic Arabia 
- The ancestors of the Prophet peace be upon him 
- The holy birth and upbringing 
- The beginning of revelation
- The first Muslims
- Persecution of the Muslims
- Struggles of the holy Prophet peace be upon him 
- The migration 
- And much more.


Start Date

15th November 2015

Day and Time

Every Sunday | 2pm-3pm

Course Length

20 weeks


Ustadh Noor Uddeen


Newark Road, Luton


£100 (£5 per session)

Open to Brothers and Sisters

To register and pay call or text 07999786300.

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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