Course Details for: Fiqh of Trade


This course will look at sacred law governing our financial transactions. There are many verses of the Holy Quran and Hadith of the blessed Prophet peace be upon him that speak about financial transactions and it is essential for us to act upon the dictates of them. This course is not for specialist rather beginners and much of the content is considered personally obligatory knowledge  (Fard al Ayn).


Amongst the subjects to be covered :

- Basics of buying and selling.
- Prohibited transactions.
- Definition and explanation of Usuary (Interest).
- Employment.
- Lost and found property.
- Business Partnership.
- And much more.

Ustadh Noorud-deen Rashid

Start date and time:
Tuesday 11th October, 6.30pm

St Moncias Avenue, Luton

Course duration:
14 weeks.

Course fee:

Sisters only.

To register call or text 07830508592

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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