Course Details for: Fiqh of Funeral and Burial


When a loved one passes away we are often called upon to assist with the funeral rights, however without studying how will we know if we are performing them correctly? What is the Sunnah method? What is best for the deceased? These and many other important questions will be answered during this 8 week course insh Allah.  The holy Prophet peace be upon him obliged us to study our deen and it is due to out failure to act upon this command that we often go wrong, this is an opportunity to correct at least one aspect of our religious practice.


Subject matters to be covered include:

- Helping a dying Muslim
- Performing the Ghusl
- The shroud 
- The Janazah prayer
- Burial and mourning the dead
- And much more.

Commencement Date & Time: Saturday 19th December | 7pm-8pm

Newark Road Luton

Ustadh Noor ud-Deen

Course Fee
£40- 8 sessions

Limited spaces.

Brothers and sisters welcome to register please call or text 07813430261 to register.

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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