Course Details for: Purification of the Heart


The Quran and Hadith have obliged us to work to purify our hearts and it is one of the greatest Sunnahs of our blessed Prophet peace be upon him, yet it is possibly the most oft neglected. This course provides an insight into how one can combat the many subtle and at times obvious diseases of the heart.


Below are some of the subjects that will be explored:

- The importance of a sound heart

- The seriousness of a diseased heart

- Love of the world

- Jealousy

- Hatred

- Arrogance

- Many other diseases of the heart

- The cures to each disease

Commencement Date & Time
Sunday 7th February | 3pm

Newark Road

Noorud-deen Rashid

Course Fee
£60 - 12 sessions

Brothers and Sisters welcome.

To register please contact 07999786300. 

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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