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This course will focus on the Madinan Period of the biography of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him. Being the most important person in the life of a Muslim it is essential for us to be well acquainted with our Prophet peace be upon him.  The Prophet peace be upon him said, 'None of you (truly) believes until I am more beloved to him than his own soul.' (Ahmad, Sahih).


Subjects to be covered include:
- The Muslim community if Madinah.
- The household of the Prophet peace be upon him.
-  Dealing with aggression from the surrounding community.
- The hypocrites in Madinah.
- The treaty of Hudaybiyah.
- Propogating Islam to kings and emperors.
- The conquest of Mecca.
- The farewell Hajj.
- And much more.

Start Date:
10th April  2016

Day and Time:
Every Sunday | 2pm-3pm

Course Length:
25 weeks

Ustadh Noor Uddeen

Newark Road, Luton


To register call or text 07999786300

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