Course Details for: A History of the Rightly Guided Caliphs


This course will cover major events that took place during the leadership of the five Khulafa Rashideen. This chronological presentation will provide an insight into one of the most important and impactful periods in our history.


Amongst the subjects to be covered:

- Establishing the first Khalifah.
- The Rida wars.
- Collating the Holy Quran.
- The Conquest of Iraq and Sham.
- Saydinah Umar's approach to social just and welfare.
- The Conquest of Persia and Egypt.
- The martyrdom of Umar.
- Saydinah Uthman's rule in preserving the Holy Quran.
- The beginning of civil discord.
- Civil war and the challenges faced by Sayidna Ali.
- The capital of the Islamic world.
- The sacrifice of Sayidah Hasan.

Date & Time
Thursday 5th May 2016 | Every Thursday  | 9pm - 10pm.
(12 week course)

Ustadh Noorud-Deen Rashid

Selbourne Road, Luton.

Course Fee

Open to Brothers and Sisters

To register please call or text  07816773166


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