Course Details for: Fiqh of Hajj


This six week course will help familiarise the student with rulings related to this great pillar of Islam. Many people going to Hajj are ill-prepared because they either suffice with a brief seminar prior to going or worse still, they rely on the knowledge of people in the group who have little to no knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence. This course aims to provide a more detailed study of legal rulings related to Hajj, helping the student to prepare more comprehensively for Hajj.


Subjects to be covered include:
- Conditions for the obligation of Hajj.
- Preparation for Hajj.
- Understanding Ihram.
- Performing Umrah.
- The days of Mina.
- Pillars of the Hajj.
- Sunnah actions during Hajj.
- Rights and rituals of Hajj.
- Violations of Ihram and expiation.
- Visiting the Holy Prophet peace be upon him.
And much more.

Start Date & Time
Tuesday 26th July 2016 | Every Tuesday  | 8pm - 9pm.
(6 week course)

Ustadh Noorud-Deen Rashid

Newark Road, Luton.

Course Fee

Brothers and sisters welcome.

To register please call or text 07900008532


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