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Islam is a complete way of life and how fortunate we are to have the the Qur'an and Sunnah as our guide. It has been made clear to us which animals we can eat and which animals we cannot eat, Muslims are very familiar with this. But what about what Islam has taught us in regards to treatment of animals? Will we be accountable for harsh treatment towards animals? We have hadith that inform us about people who were forgiven for showing mercy to a thirsty dog. We also have hadith informing us about a woman going to hellfire for cruelty towards her cat! Even though many things are halal for us to eat, how do we be selective in our diets to ensure we are fulfilling the obligation of looking after our body?


The mead open farm trip aims to give children a deeper insight into the connection between Islam and animals through an exciting day out to the farm.

'And in the creation of yourselves and what He disperses of moving creatures are signs for people who are certain [in faith]'

Through this exciting trip the children will learn the importance of:

  • Animals in Islam
  • Appreciating the different creations of Allah
  • Lessons we can derive from the prophets job as a Shepherd
  • The importance of looking after our bodies through healthy eating
  • Animal rights

These important subjects will be taught through reminders and various interactive activities They will engage in lots of fun activities at the farm such as. 

  1. Pet rabbits at Bunny Hop
  2. Help bottle feed the lambs
  3. Groom a miniature Shetland pony
  4. Watch cows being milked 
  5. Indoor Play Area 
  6. Climbing frames and much more 


11am- Bus will leave. Children will have worksheets to do on the bus related to the various subjects

11:30am- Arrival. All children will be given a different reminder card related to the relevant subjects to share at the end of the day.

11:35am- An exciting reminder about seeing the different creations that were created by Allah. Yes even the pigs were created by Allah and all the other animals that are haraam to eat!

11:40am -12:15pm - Explore the farm and speak about the different animals. On visiting the sheep the children will learn about the Prophets job as a Shepherd. After an interactive discussion the 

children will be put into pairs and asked to either discuss or act out one of the great characteristics that can be learnt through being a sheperd e.g patience.

12:15-12:30- Snack time and quiz time aimed to encourage children to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food. There will also be reminders on the importance of looking after our health.

12:30-1:15pm- Activities in the farm

1:15-2pm- Lunch & prayer break - Children will read out hadiths discouraging bad treatment and encouraging good treatment to animals. They will be given flash cards with examples of good and bad treatment towards animals and will collectively distinguish the good from the bad.

2-3:15pm- Explore the farm

3:15-3:30pm- Reflection time - Children will speak about what they have learnt and they will take turns and read out their reminder card that was given to them at the beginning of the day to reinforce the different subjects. At the end everyone will swap cards with the person next to them and take their new card home. 

3:30pm- Home time

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Registrations are now closed Mead Open Farm, Luton 02 Apr 2015 13.00