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The Kids Retreat
Explore | Enjoy | Embrace

The Kids Retreat seeks to provide children with an exhilarating journey predicated on a plethora of activities and a series of interactive lessons on the religion. Unleash your child's potential with our tailored retreat experience, a blend of experiential outdoor adventure & spiritual enlightenment.

Limited Spaces: 40 Spaces

The prices quoted include:
¸ 11 activity sessions, 70 minutes per session.
¸ Expert instruction from our enthusiastic and trained staff.
¸ Accommodation for the Nasheed Night.
¸ All bedding included for the accommodation.
¸ Full board with 3 Halal meals a day, ensuring a balanced meal. 
¸ Juice breaks throughout the day.
¸ 5 Daily prayers, litanies & reminders
¸ All staff members are DBS checked 

Special event: Campfire Party Time
Campfire with toasted Halal marshmallows, Seerah Narratives and Nasheeds.


Originally developed for the military to simulate parachute landings, this type of activity gives a great experience of freefall in a controlled safe environment. PARTICIPANTS make their way to the top of our jump 10 metre platform and secure in helmet and harness step off the edge, descend in a matter of seconds back to earth. A huge adrenaline rush, the closer the student gets to the ground the slower they move, to step onto the ground at the end of the ride. A real personal challenge and class support for the jumper, this is one of our most exhilarating high adrenaline adventure activities.

3G Swing
This is a serious adrenaline rush for young people! Safe in helmet and harness, the class works together as a team to heave ho the PARTICIPANTS skywards, challenge by choice – do they dare to go all the way to the top of our 3G Swing? The riders then reach back and release the ripcord, feeling the G force as they fall into an exhilarating massive swing back and forth. This gives students a great chance to conquer their fears and test their nerves, being winched as high as they dare!

Nerves may be building climbing the stairs inside our purpose-built abseiling tower, then its harnesses on and slowly step backwards over the edge! This is challenge by choice, teaching young people to safely take risks and learn from them, as each child is encouraged to push their own boundaries and overcome any fear of heights. Our fully qualified Instructors carefully support and guide each child to navigate their way slowly down the wall to the rapturous applause of their classmates – a great sense of achievement conquering the abseiling wall!

Quad Biking
A firm favourite with pupils of all AGES. Our fully trained Instructors keep students focussed on building basic skills like steering, braking and acceleration, before progressing to control the quad bike safely around one of our purpose-designed dirt tracks. The courses have been specially designed to ensure a fun, exhilarating experience in a safe environment. Full safety equipment like gloves, helmets and goggles are provided with fully trained coaches keeping a watchful eye. This activity gets even better in the rain as we find children love to zoom through the muddy puddles.

Leap of Faith
One of our most challenging High Ropes elements. Pupils muster all their confidence and courage to climb to the top of a 10 metre pole, before counting to three and putting their faith in themselves as they jump and reach to catch the mid-air suspended trapeze. A great activity for our challenge by choice ethos, young people to safely take risks and learn from them – pupils are gently encouraged and supported by our qualified Instructors to push their own boundaries as far as they wish, whether that is only a few steps up the pole, half way or all the way to the top and leap. Students are CONGRATULATED according to their individual achievements. Climbers are supported by helmet, harness and belay rope to ensure at any point they can safely be lowered to the ground.

Laser Zone
With disco lights flashing through the smoky darkness, children embark into our Laser Zone for this high tech, high-action activity. Kitted out in laser body armour covered in laser sensors, they must work together as a team using their phasors to ‘laser’ their opponents developing their stealth and strategy techniques.

Pupils can feel like their very own Robin Hood with our schools’ Archery activity. This activity is a great opportunity for students to develop dexterity, control and precision. Our flexible target ranges are geared to each AGE group, and our GNAS trained Instructors concentrate on developing pupils’ technique. Students use bows and arrows to match their individual strength, size and age. Our centres have a mix of indoor and outdoor archery ranges so at most centres, this activity can CONTINUE come rain or shine. As with all our activities, a thorough safety briefing takes place beforehand and all safety equipment such as arm braces are supplied.

Students will feel like romantic swashbucklers as they learn this ancient pastime. An activity most children don’t usually get the chance to try at home, fencing combines both mental and physical skill. Coached by British Fencing Association qualified Instructors, pupils learn the basic principles of attack and defence, including the en-guard stance and the lunge. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they can go on to combine these tactics and compile their strategy, competing against their classmates. This Olympic sport of over 100 years requires students to display a combination of strength, control & balance – as well as tactical awareness.

A firm favourite with students of any age and ability. The thrill of achievement is powerful, increasing confidence & personal achievement through conquering fears of heights or speed. Children will experience the perception of taking risks, but in a controlled environment with helmets, harnesses and fully qualified Instructors. An exhilarating ride for the PARTICIPANT, this activity also fosters group spirit and bonding, as pupils cheer each other to overcome their nerves and go whizzing down the wire.

Team Challenge 

A purpose-built obstacle course that will challenge all age groups! Complete with bouldering walls, monkey bar climb, cargo nets, balance beams and lots more, the elements get more challenging as the activity progresses ensuring that the teams continually push themselves & work together. 

A firm favourite of the Kingswood activities. Nightline is a sensory depravation exercise in which pupils are blindfolded throughout the activity. Pupils navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group, relying heavily on the trust and support of each other, and communicate with each other verbally to negotiate a series of obstacles as they tackle each of the different challenges.

Requirements & Pre-requisites


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